We provide the following Services:

* Flushing of:
    •    Municipal, industrial and residential lines
    •    Sewer Lines
    •    Storm Drains

* Portable Toilets and Handwash-Stations

    •    cleanest toilets in the industry

     •    all equipped with hand sanitizer

    •    also available with sinks
or with removable mini tanks, ideal for winter use

    •    long term use - for construction sites, camps
    •    short term use - weddings, parties, musical festivals, fairs, rodeos

* Pumping of:
    •    Septic Tanks
    •    Catch Basins
    •    Holding Tanks
    •    Flooded Basements
    •    Storm Drains
    •    Restaurant Grease Traps
    •    Shallow Wells

* Camera Inspection and Colour Recording of:

    •    Sewer Lines

* Locating of:

    •    Septic Tanks
    •    Sewer Lines


Because we care!

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